Medienjournal: Media Monday #417

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Media Monday #417

1. Zu manchen Medien einen adäquaten Text zu verfassen ist nicht ganz einfach. Zu viel geht mir dazu durch den Kopf und die richtigen Worte stellen sich nicht immer ein.

2. Ich glaube ja nicht, dass ____ dem Hype gerecht werden wird, denn ____ .
Wird gerade irgendwas gehypt??? Ich hab nichts mitbekommen…

3. Andererseits kann ich die ganzen Schmährufe zu Peter Jackson’s Hobbit überhaupt nicht verstehen, denn ich mochte die Trilogie sehr, obwohl ich am Anfang auch gegen die drei Teile war.

4. Wenn ich nur mal einen Tag ganz für mich und meine Interessen hätte wäre ich vermutlich mal wieder vollkommen überfordert mit den vielen Sachen, die ich zur Unterhaltung zur Verfügung habe und würde den Tag einfach so vergammeln.

5. Die BBC-Serie ‚Gentleman Jack‘, die von der androgynen Anne Lister handelt, erscheint mir als Idee ja ziemlich großartig, jedoch bin ich gespannt, ob der Funke bei mir wirklich überspringen wird.

6. Ein Buch, das ich nur allen wärmstens ans Herz legen kann gibt es nicht. Jeder Leser hat einen anderen Geschmack und man sollte sich meiner Meinung nach vor solchen Verallgemeinerungen hüten.

7. Zuletzt habe ich einen Joghurt gegessen und das war nötig, weil ich wirklich Frühstückshunger hatte.

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11 Antworten zu Medienjournal: Media Monday #417

  1. Michele Marsh schreibt:

    Herba, Happy Monday to you

    #3: I don’t get why people in general are so negative. if you don’t like something don’t read it or watch it but don’t be mean to artistic creativity. I enjoyed trilogy too and I think PJ is a visionary and a brilliant story teller
    #4: me too totally
    #5: I am watching GJ now. Interesting although there are parts I asked my friend who is also watching it for help understanding
    #6: yes very well said
    #7: yoghurt would hit the spot but I am lactose intolerant and pay dearly each time I attempt to eat it for breakfast, Perhaps TMI here sorry


  2. Herba schreibt:

    @Michele: Thanks and the same to you!

    I haven’t started ‚Gentleman Jack‘ yet (not in the right mood at the moment) but I am glad you enjoy it.

    I have to be careful with lactose too (not really intolerant but to much of the stuff isn’t good for me) and buy lactose free yoghurt most of the time


  3. Michele Marsh schreibt:

    Herba, I will be interested what you think of GJ. Years and Years starts tonight on HBO so I plan on watching that.
    Do you put granola in your yoghurt? I have tried that to trick my stomach but the dairy just rips it up..


  4. Herba schreibt:

    @Michele: I am sure I’ll write about it once I’ll watched it.
    I am not a big fan of granola with yoghurt, I prefer it with milk. But I use a mix of seeds and dietary fiber to enrich it sometimes


  5. Servetus schreibt:

    I think to some extent we’ve forgotten how angry some fans were about PJ’s LOTR — there was a lot of controversy about that too and there are still a lot of Tolkien fans who hate those films (and get vocal about it off and on). I think PJ had a career phase where he generated a lot of jealousy, and the criticism that he occasionally gets so fascinated by his own vision that he forgets rules of storytelling is sometimes legitimate.(e.g., I love all the Erebor sequences in TDOS but I do get that they are maybe a bit overdetailed. OTOH lots of core Tolkien fans enjoyed the White Council scene in AUJ after the first three times I saw it I used that moment to go to the bathroom).

    Armitage (I think?) said that in a few years people will look at all the films in sequence and then they will make sense and all this anger over three parts to the Hobbit might abate. All I can say is that they run on TV here all the time so the fact that some people are still angry about it doesn’t seem to be having much effect.

    Criticism is really important to me, though. There may be no absolute definition of good and bad art, but there is better and worse art; individual taste and artistic quality are not the same thing. There’s a reason we listen to Mozart as an example of art and Salieri primarily as a curiosity. I am increasingly unwilling to trust the tastes of fans over the judgment of people who look at a lot of stuff, though. I have read three Elton John biographies this month — two by professional music writers and one by a dedicated fan. No question that the fan knew more about the nitty gritty than the music writers, but it was entirely clear that the professional writers wrote better books — more focused narratives, attention to important details instead of minutiae, better placement of the artist in context, etc. I also think the social media influence of (super)fans has generally been negative in the areas they hope to control most (e.g., film franchises).


  6. Wortman schreibt:

    Ich mag den Hobbit immer noch nicht. Wenn ich alles „Herumgerenne“ rausschneide, hätte ich EINEN geilen 3.5 Stunden Film 🙂


  7. Herba schreibt:

    @Servetus: I saw LotR in the cinema but never followed the process of making the movies so I didn’t know that but it makes sense of course.
    And I don’t have a problem with criticism, but I have a problem with dead pan arguments like ‚I hate these movies because they made three out of a little childens book‘. I mean sure if that’s what a person feels about it, so be it, but this is more a question of taste than real criticism.
    I guess these two are often confused and for me that’s what makes it problematic.
    Like you said: individual taste and artistic quality are not the same thing and it is a difference if I make a statement about my taste („I don’t like these shoes“) or if I criticize something („these shoes are wrong for the movie because noone would have worn those at the time the movie is set“).

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  8. Herba schreibt:

    @Wortman: 3,5 Stunden am Stück???? Da tut einem ja der Hintern weh 😉


  9. Wortman schreibt:

    Wir haben schon dreimal den HrR Marathon gemacht. 13 Stunden die Extendend durchgeschaut 😁😁


  10. Herba schreibt:

    @Wortman: Da kriegt man ja Schwielen am Hintern 😉


  11. Wortman schreibt:

    Das passt scho 😂

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