Sad News From Richard Armitage

Goodbye Mama Armitage 😦

Guylty Pleasure

Please do not take this as a sensationalist post – I’d rather not be the bearer of such sad news, but for the information of those of you who are not on Twitter, Richard has just posted this tweet:
This post comes with my heartfelt sympathies for the Armitages‘ loss. Without personally knowing Mrs A, I think we can nevertheless say that she must have been a lovely, formidable woman – on the basis of how the product of her education and influence conducts himself. Respectful, polite, willing to give his best at all times, sensitive, empathic. May she rest in peace.

Please do follow the link in Richard’s tweet where he has not only written a wonderful tribute to his mum, but where he is also fundraising for the hospice that took care of Mrs Armitage in her last weeks…

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4 Antworten zu Sad News From Richard Armitage

  1. Servetus schreibt:

    And now you know what you were doing on May 31 of this year. I only checked one — last year I was mourning some disaster that had happened in Afghanistan.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Herba schreibt:

    @Servetus: 😦 Somehow I am glad sometimes we Humans are able to suppress all the bad memories, because I wouldn’t know how to get out of bed some days without that ability…

    Gefällt 1 Person

  3. Servetus schreibt:

    It is really a curse to have a good memory. There are so many times when I’ve thought, I wish I could turn the „record“ function off. Age seems to be doing that a little, thank heavens.

    Gefällt mir

  4. Herba schreibt:

    @Servetus: Yes, some days a brain like a sifter is a true blessing 🙂

    Gefällt 1 Person

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